Reconnext is all about Social Media in business. Businesses around the globe benefit from the use of social media by lowering marketing costs, adressing targeted groups better than ever, delivering accurate aftersales, and many other business advantages.



RecoNNext brings you the best of Social Media and Cloud Computing! RecoNNext helps buy in, implementation and enhancement of your social and online technology top down throughout your organisation. We determine together with your business champs how this transition will contribute to your goals and future performance.


RecoNNext developed a number of interesting services to your benefits, including a premium training, webcare, data visualisation and a quickscan called 'NNextstep' helping you to securely investigate the possibilities and define the business case, and kick off social media programmes in your organisation.

Free Policy Check!

Upload your Social Media Policy to us and we will provide you with detailed information about how your policy is up to standard, and we will give you helpful tips on how to improve.